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  • Chris Lane

Welcome to the website of Martyn Hanks, showcasing the artist's amazing journey.

From Rio to Sydney, Reykjavik to Cape Town, this is the story in his own pictures of the amazing travels of one man and his love of painting.

Martyn has always been an independent free spirit, and it is this adventurous streak which has taken him to some of the far flung corners of the world and often into countries where many of us would fear to tread. Over the last few decades Martyn has captured the sights and colours of a world of different cultures. Along the way he has painted ancient sites in war torn places, some which sadly no longer exist. He has a huge story to tell and many anecdotes and tales from his travels. We at Artinfusion think that this is a truly unique collection, especially when we consider the number of places Martyn has visited. With his permission we are now sharing this with you and making a wide range of Martyn's work available as cards and prints through this website.We would like to invite you to sit back, enjoy the many and varied paintings and let your mind wander.

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