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Flores is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Lake Petén Itzá, east of Komodo and west of Lembata. This fascinating island is known for its magnificent sea creatures.


"Above, this painting shows the start of the causeway.


The flight, which I had managed to book at a travel agents in Antigua, cost me £20 and I figured would save me a very tiring bus ride as well as a bit of time, something I was beginning to run out of quite fast. Though the flight achieved both its aims, it was a little of a disappointment in that due to low cloud I was unable to see anything of the route beneath. 


The town of Flores was on an island in the corner of a large lake and was reached by a causeway about 1/2 mile long. It was an easy walk into the town, the airport on the mainland only being a short way from the start of this causeway. Again I had no trouble finding a small hotel, and after booking in had most of the afternoon to enjoy the island. The hotel cost me £2. 


Flores, which had been founded in the 13th century by the Mayans, was now the departmental capital of the region, with a population of around 2,000. Consisting mainly of timber and concrete buildings, I found Flores a fairly quiet place to be, though what struck me the most was how hot and humid it was after the highland I had been in before. The lakes altitude was only 400' and it was decidedly tropical.  


I had a pleasant evening at the hotel, enjoying a good meal of steak, eggs and rice, washed down with a few local beers. After a good night's sleep, I was up early again the next morning to be on my way, walking back across the causeway to Santa Elena, the town on the mainland where I joined  a bus to Tikal. The ride, on a rickety old bus, along a dirt road through the jungle, took most of the morning with little of interest. Fortunately there were only a few other passengers, so I was able to spread out a bit, but I was still glad when we finally got there." - MH 

Flores Island, 1976

  • All items are produced from original paintings by Martyn Hanks.

    Prints:Size is A4 (8.27" x 11.69"/210 x 297mm). Printed onto high quality 245gsm fine art watercolour paper to give the print an authentic look and feel. Supplied in a textured off white mount size 12" x 16" (305 x 406mm), backed and sealed in a clear cellophane wrap and delivered in a protective carton to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

    Cards: Size 7" X 5"/178 x 127mm. Packaged in a clear cellophane wrap with a top quality 150gsm self-seal white envelope.

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